A Little Plate Stand Makeover

I bid on this cute plate holder on ebay a little wile back and guess what, I won! I was so stoked and couldnt wait to get it in the mail. Well once I got it hubby didnt like it as it was and told me to “make it pretty”…So thats what I did =]


After a little white paint to cover up the chipped parts and some pretty napkins this is what it looks like.


Please note the picture was taken by my 2 year old son =D But anyways, its not quite finished…As you can see I havent gotten around to painting the lids of the empty Gerber jars, they are getting spray painted red by the way. Its just been raining and iv been so busy but hopefully they get done this week! Oh the knobs for the drawers are getting painted red too =]

I promise to post a better picture of it once its all done!


Small Bathroom Face Lift

LOL Yup just a small face lift =p Our bathroom walls were so plane they needed something! Once again I turned to my favorite craft material Mod Podge to help with the face lift. Using some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, canvas and ribbon I came up with these pretties.

Bathroom Face Lift

Checkered Ribbon

Plain 'n Simple

Work In Progress

The title says it all LOL I started this a little while ago and just havent finished it =[ I need to add a few more things but hubby has to drill a couple of wholes 1st. It will eventually be in our bedroom holding my necklaces =]

Just For You Sis!

I started what I thought would be a box for my recipes that are just sitting in one of my kitchen drawers…Once I finished it I really liked it for my sister LOL so its getting mailed to her hopefully next week =]

Top View

Front View

This was super easy to make! All I used was a napkin which I cut the different pictures out of, some paint (as you can see I missed a part by the clasp) and Mod Podge! =]

After I had finished it and told my sister I had made her something with a coffee print on it for her kitchen, she told me her kitchen had a wine theme…Therefor I made her something else in that theme =]

Musical Wine

I LOVED the way these turned out! By the way its a set but they look exactly the same so I didnt see a reason to show both LOL Once again materials are, Mod Podge, napkins and decoupaging paper =] All I did was add it to an 8×10 canvas. I hope you like them sis!

Happy “Hero/Dad” Day

Yup, Hero and Dad…Thats my man! Here is the super quick card I put together for him while the kids napped lol

  • Stamps and ink by CTMH
  • Card stock by SU
  • Brads by Making Memories
  • Scrapbook Paper byDCWV

A Little Decor W/Mod Podge Part 2

So here is the second part of our bathroom bedroom decor. These were super simple to make! Both are made with 8×8 canvas, scrapbook paper, buttons, mod podge, and hot glue gun.

A Little Decor W/Mod Podge

Here is my new bathroom bedroom decor! Yes it was originally for the bathroom and ended up in our bedroom lol Here is what I started off with for the 1st project…

This is what they looked like from the side.

This is what they look like now after some spray paint, Mod Podge, coordinating scrapbook paper and beads. I was too inpatient to order knobs so I used beads instead =]

Like I said they were suppose to be for the bathroom lol

Loved the way they turned out! I would have never thought id be the one to be making my own decor LOL I guess thats what married life does to one =p