Mommies Pooppy Butt

Ok so I had to post this. I have officially given my son the nick name of “Mommies Poopy Butt” He was going poopy pretty much every time he ate. I would change him before feeding him (most of the time he was poopied) and when I was feeding him he would be going again. Now he doesn’t go every time he eats but when he does go, its up to his belly button lol.

Let me now tell you about the picture. For those of you who don’t all ready know him, thats our dog Ranger. Its kind of hard to see in this picture but his whiskers are all yellowish. Well our silly dog got into Aedan’s poopied diaper I left on the bed. I changed Aedan and left the diaper on my bed because I directly stared feeding him, I was going to toss it when I was done feeding him…That didn’t happen because my brother decided to “perfume” my room, so I walked out and left the diaper on the bed. Later I hear my mom yelling at Ranger. Yikes! I sure know not to do that again!


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