Baby Has Gas

I must have eaten something that my babies tummy couldn’t handle…My poor son is suffocated/stifled (don’t quite know which is the right word to use lol) He kept crying like he has never cried before…He only cries when he is hungry or dirty, so his crying today made me sad…Mom came to the rescue though…She tapped Aedan’s tummy and said “el nino esta sofocado” which translated into English is suffocated/stifled…Mom then asked me if I wanted her to make him a mint tea…According to our culture that helps get all the gasses out…So I said yes, anything that helps my poor baby feel better! He drank an ounce and it seemed to have helped, thank God! Now my baby is quiet and seems happy 🙂 I sure have to watch what I eat, I don’t like my baby crying like that!


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