We Are Really Moving!

We really are moving to Germany! Yesterday we went to get our passports done and thank god Aedan was really good! We had to do a little running around since we forgot our birth certificates, but everything went well! We werent sure if we were going to be able to get Aedan’s pincture taken since he was asleep but luckily we were…He woke up as soon as we got to the place that takes the pictures and fell back to sleep as soon as he was done with his 🙂 Now all we need is to wait for our orders to get here and we are off sometime in October!

Oh by the way, my baby not even 3 months yet is wearing a 6-9 month shirt and 3-6 months pair of shorts! He needs to slow down and stop growing so fast! LOL


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  1. awww.. i miss rangers stupid ass!!!

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