No Longer Homeless

We finally have a place! Its not off post like we wanted, so we live in the apartments on post, but its not too bad. One of the really nice things about this place is all the closet space! Out bedroom alone has 2 hanging closets and three with just shelves! No need to buy dressers :-p Now the only bad thing I would say is that we don’t have our own washer and dryer… They are rebuilding some of the places here that have them included but we dint get lucky enough to get one of those…We on the other hand got stuck with a community laundry room downstairs, but you should see what it looks like going down there! You have to walk down hallways that look like they are coming straight out of a horror film! When my hubby told me were they were, I didn’t dare walk down those hallways! Now its not too bad lol…The other bad thing but at the same time good is that our house hold good aren’t going to arrive until December! Bad because until then we have all this furniture the housing office lent us, which includes a REALLY hard bed besides other things. Good because that means my hubby wont have to deploy until January and will be back in July…Now lets see, besides all that…The weather out here is cold, but nice. Its been about 55 degrees during the day and 30 something at night…Today we had ice on the grass surrounding our apartment which was nice to look at.

Now time for my baby boy 🙂

Doesn’t he look like a total baby model?

We went to sign up for WIC yesterday and they weighed him and measured him…He is almost 16lb and about 26 inches long! Man is he getting big! Rember how I said he was starting to roll over? Well now he compleatly rolls over! Once his on his belly he makes this movements which make him look like if he was trying to swim lol…I have a fealing he’s going to start crawling soon 🙂 He also eats like a champ! 6 ounces of formula plus an ounce of formula mixed with baby cereal!


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  1. OMG HE’S HUGE!!!! I’m so glad you guys have housing! It looks kind of mixed with old army housing stuff and new army housing stuff! Thank you for sending my your address 🙂 Take care and enjoy this time with your hubby!

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