Almost there!

In a little over 40 days the hubby comes home!!!! I cant wait! He has only been gone since January but it seems like its been an eternity! I can so use his help! This pregnancy is nothing like Aedans and im having a difficult time adjusting to the differences…But besides that all is well on this side of the world lol…The weather is finally to get warmer which is really exciting! Im soooooo tired of the snow, wind, and cold! On some Aedan news, he has three teeth now! He bites me any chance he gets and is also grinding his teeth! I have to say that is one of the most annoying sounds ever! Ummm lets see…I still cant get him to sleep in his crib! Its driving me insane especially couse he moves around a lot and im always afraid he is going to fall off the bed…Luckily he has stopped kicking me lolIm so determined to get him to sleep in his crib now that the hubby is coming home in a little over a month! I just seem to have the hardest time hearing him cry the way he does when I put him in the crib! He has never liked it! He just loves to sleep on the bed, it doesnt even matter if im there, he just prefers the bed over his crib! But I gotta do it! Be strong Noemi! LOL Ok well now I really should go to bed its almost 3am! But before I go, a few pix for you guys 🙂

Me @ 16 Weeks Preggo With Number 2

My Handsome Little Man

Vroom Vroom

Love This Toy Mommy!


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