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Im back!

Waiting for the Ceremony to start.

Daddy trying to pick up Aedan.

Daddy holding Aedan up for the 1st time in 4 months.

Its been a while! Well for starters hubby is home…He has been home for a week and like 2 days…He got home last Friday. Everything has been good so far…He has been helping out a lot around the house…Cleaning, cooking, and decorating :p So I gotta say the house is finally starting to look like a home!

Aedan is getting huge by the way! He turns 1 in 2 days! He is no longer eating baby food, I try giving it to him and he wont eat it lol but once I put real food in front of him it will be gone in no time! Also he isnt drinking any more formula, as of today he is drinking actual milk! With the suggestion of mom I went with Lactaid since my monster does tend to get a lot of mocos and it seems to be working! Just this morning he had a whole egg, 8 ounces of milk, a whole banana and a hand full of Cherrios! He still hasnt picked up any new words and he isnt walking yet but he is climbing! This monster climbs on to the couch and bed…I think he might start walking soon and I hope he does couse I cant carry him any more lol He is getting too heavy!!!

Now baby number 2 lol He is doing good…He will no longer leave me alone…Kicks me all day long!!! I dont know if I had told you guys but we have a name picked out its going to be Devin Josiah…Hubby picked the 1st name and I agreed and I picked the middle name and he agreed 🙂 Im 25 weeks pregnant and cant wait to have the little man in my arms! Im so ready not to be prenant any more LOL


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