In Need Of Pictures

Iv been working on a few projects…3 to be exact…2 of which are done…The 1st one I started was about 3 weeks ago or so and its still not finished, is a baby blanket! I learned how to crochet on my Thursday’s craft night and that’s what im making 🙂 It’s a multi-color blanket (brown, blue & cream) in a simple 3 stitch, I believe thats what its called lol Its the only stitch I know so far haha. The second was my thank you note pads for my baby shower. This I learned how to make from the very talented Tiff over at iheartart. The only thing with mine was that I ran out of binder clips and there were no post it notes at my local PX so I used regular note pads trimmed them down and attached them with ribbon…I really wanted to make this instead of Thank You cards so I had to improvise some how 🙂 Now the last thing which I find totally cool and I’ll be doing soon again was I decoupaged (I never know if im spelling that right lol) a jar! That I learned to do on my Thursday’s Craft Night too! Those ladies are SO talented! I would have pictures for you guys but sine my due date is getting really close my only camera is in the car lol but I promise as soon as I can I’ll take pix and post them 🙂


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  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy!!!! Keep blogging 🙂

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