Just A Small Project

Iv been waiting for y material to come in for the longest time and its finally here! It took longer thank expected because of the ashes from the volcano that erupted somewhere out here in Europe…But anyways…I went to check the mail today and they were here! All I need to do is find the right tile out here, I have one more place to check out hopefully they have it there. Maybe I’ll go this weekend.

So I asked a friend that was going to a hardware store a little ago to pick up a tile for me and the only one kind they had was ones with prints on them 😦 so she just got me one of those sine she knew I was going to cover it up anyways lol…I’ll eventually be doing my coasters with paper napkins but because they are so thin I couldnt do it with this tile…So I just used a piece of scrapbook paper from the Gnome Girl Kit I purchased over at http://www.oddbirdplanet.com.  I wasnt so sure I wanted to just cut out the square and Mod Podge it over the tile so I tore the sides instead and did it that way 🙂 The tile is a bit of a brownish earth tone and not what i’ll be using in my shop either but hey this one is just for me so it doesnt matter LOL Oh and the bottom is lined with cork to protect the furniture =]


One Response

  1. Cute! Hey should’ve painted the tile in a color you liked first & don’t forget to add felt ‘feet’ to the bottom so the tile doesn’t scratch whatever it’s set on.

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