My Attempt @ Fabric Flowers

I keep seeing all these beautiful fabric flowers I just had to try to make one on my own! Hey it’s not like I don’t have a box full of fabric scraps! LOL I YouTubed tutorials and thought they weren’t to difficult and I had the material except for the fabric glue, which I went out and bought yesterday =] So after putting the boys to bed I sat and attempted my 1st one.

For starters don’t mind how dirty my table looks, it’s just the glue I was using =[ Ok so this 1st attempt was just gluing and twisting and rolling the fabric onto the piece of felt…I didn’t like it, but that’s just me. ( My hubby didnt like it either) To me it was just too stiff and the glue I was using gets kinda messy. Yuck!

Now this one you can tell I liked LOL What I did with this one was just twisted the fabric and rolled it, keeping it secure with my fingers….Then I just stitched the back of it and added the button in the center also sewing it on. Once that was done I glued the felt to the back to secure it once more and make the back look pretty =] It will be added to a bobby pin soon.

They are so easy and fun to make that I will be making more soon!


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