Note Frame

I was cutting out the cork backs for the coasters yesterday and I was left with pieces not big enough to use  for the coasters but too big to just toss, I had to do something with them! I just didnt know exactly what so I slept on it LOL When I got up this morning I new exactly what I wanted to do with them, a note/message frame! I had one last frame that I couldnt use *Just a side not…I bought a bulk of black frames from a lady that was changing her decor last year and there were a few that were for German size photos, so those are the frames iv been using for my projects*

The frames was black so I painted over it with white acrylic paint and then used a paper napkin and used Mod Podge to adhere it to the frame. While I let that dry I used the back of the frame and adhered the pieces of cork in different directions to cover the entire thing. Then I used white chipboard letters, ribbon, flowers, and brads to add a little bit of fun to it. What do you think?


Love in a Frame

Been feeling really creative lately so im taking advantage of my kids playing on their own to let the creativity out 🙂

Here is a little something I put together using an old frame, napkins, mod podge, coasters from the dollar section at my local PX, chip board letters, flowers and a little sparkle.

What they looked like…

After a little paint…

Finished project

Simple Sign

This was originally something else compleatly…It was actually suppose to be a clock but never got around to finishing it. (Tiff you should recognize this lol) It had been put away with my crafting supplies that the clock face I had done for it decided it didnt want to stay so I helped it out and took it off…Now I had this piece of perfectly good wood that needed a bit of a face lift lol so it was transformed to a sign for my craft area.

Here is what it looked like after taking off the clock face.

This is what it looks like now after some Mod Podge, paper napkins, stamps, flowers, and a little bling 🙂

Yes I know the “Corner” is slanted but I think it gives it character =p Oh by the way I have decided that this will be the name to my new Etsy shop opening soon! Super excited!

Project For My Boys

I was feeling creative today 🙂 We had this table we bought at Walmart a little over 2 years ago that we were no longer using so I decided to paint and decoupage it for my boys room. Their room is kind of a mixture lol, their bedding is polka-dots/circles, the colors on the walls are light blue and tan (matching the bedding) and their names I decoupaged in bamboo and Chinese characters…I would have done the same with the table but I was out of the napkins I used for their names so since hubby put glow in the dark stars and planets on the boys ceilings I went off of that for the design…

Well I guess its not much of a design lol its more of just randomly putting squares on the table 😛 I started by putting a whole sheet in the center and building with the squares inwards then I just added the stickers.  I used CTMH Stardust paper and stickers. Super simple.

Dollars & Euros



So Iv had these two what use to be Powdered Formula cans in need of a good altering…I was using them for our change and just hadnt had the chance to alter them and make them pretty until today 🙂 I used CTMH paper, ink, ribbon, and stamps…The flowers and pearls are from a brand named Kaiser which I got from Timeless Paper Arts. I have to add I love her shop and the prices are great! Oh one more thing, thanks Tiff for the altered bow idea 🙂

3 Little Brads…

Sure make a difference! Thanks Tiff!