Just A Small Project

Iv been waiting for y material to come in for the longest time and its finally here! It took longer thank expected because of the ashes from the volcano that erupted somewhere out here in Europe…But anyways…I went to check the mail today and they were here! All I need to do is find the right tile out here, I have one more place to check out hopefully they have it there. Maybe I’ll go this weekend.

So I asked a friend that was going to a hardware store a little ago to pick up a tile for me and the only one kind they had was ones with prints on them 😦 so she just got me one of those sine she knew I was going to cover it up anyways lol…I’ll eventually be doing my coasters with paper napkins but because they are so thin I couldnt do it with this tile…So I just used a piece of scrapbook paper from the Gnome Girl Kit I purchased over at http://www.oddbirdplanet.com.  I wasnt so sure I wanted to just cut out the square and Mod Podge it over the tile so I tore the sides instead and did it that way 🙂 The tile is a bit of a brownish earth tone and not what i’ll be using in my shop either but hey this one is just for me so it doesnt matter LOL Oh and the bottom is lined with cork to protect the furniture =]


Simple Sign

This was originally something else compleatly…It was actually suppose to be a clock but never got around to finishing it. (Tiff you should recognize this lol) It had been put away with my crafting supplies that the clock face I had done for it decided it didnt want to stay so I helped it out and took it off…Now I had this piece of perfectly good wood that needed a bit of a face lift lol so it was transformed to a sign for my craft area.

Here is what it looked like after taking off the clock face.

This is what it looks like now after some Mod Podge, paper napkins, stamps, flowers, and a little bling 🙂

Yes I know the “Corner” is slanted but I think it gives it character =p Oh by the way I have decided that this will be the name to my new Etsy shop opening soon! Super excited!

Thank You Tags

I decided today that I wanted to get a few things started for once my shop opens, (hopefully May) so I put together a few Thank You tags that I will be adding to my packaging. Please dont mind the horrible picture, my hubby has my good camera lol


  • CTMH White Card Stock
  • CTMH Archibal Black Ink
  • Paper Napkins
  • Stephanie Bernard’s Mini Stamps
  • Crop-A-Dial
  • Stampin Up Paper Punch
  • Mod Podge

My Own Little Business

So iv been saying for a few weeks that im going to start my own little business but I havent done it yet…Things have been crazy around here with the hubby gone and the kids getting sick that I hadnt had a chance to get my materials but starting the 15th of this month I start ordering it! Im super excited! The only thing now is that I have to find a place around here were I can find the ceramic tiles I want. I just hope that the materials im ordering dont take too long couse I cant wait to start creating! I’ll keep you guys posted.

One Really Big Card & One Small Coupon Book

So I finally got my paper in the mail and got to working on my hubby’s card and gift! He is going to get it a little late but he will at least get it lol…To be honest I have no idea what brand of paper I used since I bought single sheets of a lady that lives close by but I used red card stock, pink textured card stock, vellum heart paper, and a pink pattered paper 😛 oh and stickers from Stickopotamus Jolee’s Boutique.

The card measures about 5.75 by 8.5 when folded. For the hubby’s gift I decided to make him a little coupon book. I wasnt sure what to get him so I went onto Etsy and started looking at their Gift Guides thinking I would find something in there I would like and get him and it kinda worked that way lol…I actually came across a V-day Coupon Book but desised it would be much cuter and he would probably like it more if I were to make him one so I did 🙂 Its not too fancy but the coupons inside make up for it 🙂

Oh one last thing, dont pay any attention to the lint on my couch, I was taking the pix in a hurry before I took them to the mail and didnt get a chance to completely clean off the couch.

Hopefully Soon…

I will be posting some new things…Its just that my son is all ready 3 months and I feel like he is geting big really fast and I’m not enjoying him as much as I should 😦

On another note…Thanks to Eve I had my first sale today on Etsy 🙂 Oh and hopefully soon I will have some more items on Etsy, including some knitted items…


I finally opened up my Etsy shop 🙂 There are only two items for sale so far and looking threw my cards to see which others I would like to post. Dont know how well its going to go but we will see 🙂 Oh and I made a new card. Extremely simple but I like it and its one of the ones that I posted on Etsy.