Happy “Hero/Dad” Day

Yup, Hero and Dad…Thats my man! Here is the super quick card I put together for him while the kids napped lol

  • Stamps and ink by CTMH
  • Card stock by SU
  • Brads by Making Memories
  • Scrapbook Paper byDCWV

A Little Decor W/Mod Podge Part 2

So here is the second part of our bathroom bedroom decor. These were super simple to make! Both are made with 8×8 canvas, scrapbook paper, buttons, mod podge, and hot glue gun.

A Little Decor W/Mod Podge

Here is my new bathroom bedroom decor! Yes it was originally for the bathroom and ended up in our bedroom lol Here is what I started off with for the 1st project…

This is what they looked like from the side.

This is what they look like now after some spray paint, Mod Podge, coordinating scrapbook paper and beads. I was too inpatient to order knobs so I used beads instead =]

Like I said they were suppose to be for the bathroom lol

Loved the way they turned out! I would have never thought id be the one to be making my own decor LOL I guess thats what married life does to one =p

Fabric Flower Galore

I got a bit carried away today making flowers lol Both my boys were eating dinner and I needed something to do =] Can you tell I really enjoy making them? LOL There is only 2 with the hair clips on them because those were the only two I had so I need to go buy more…I tried putting a bobby pin on them but didnt like the way it held my hair, the snap hair clips stay much better in my hair. And yes there is 3 black ones but a girl can never have too many black hair accessories or black anything for that matter! LOL Well at least in my opinion =p Oh and yes the center of some of the flowers are brads! Also pictured is the one from my last post.

My Attempt @ Fabric Flowers

I keep seeing all these beautiful fabric flowers I just had to try to make one on my own! Hey it’s not like I don’t have a box full of fabric scraps! LOL I YouTubed tutorials and thought they weren’t to difficult and I had the material except for the fabric glue, which I went out and bought yesterday =] So after putting the boys to bed I sat and attempted my 1st one.

For starters don’t mind how dirty my table looks, it’s just the glue I was using =[ Ok so this 1st attempt was just gluing and twisting and rolling the fabric onto the piece of felt…I didn’t like it, but that’s just me. ( My hubby didnt like it either) To me it was just too stiff and the glue I was using gets kinda messy. Yuck!

Now this one you can tell I liked LOL What I did with this one was just twisted the fabric and rolled it, keeping it secure with my fingers….Then I just stitched the back of it and added the button in the center also sewing it on. Once that was done I glued the felt to the back to secure it once more and make the back look pretty =] It will be added to a bobby pin soon.

They are so easy and fun to make that I will be making more soon!

My Own Little Business

So iv been saying for a few weeks that im going to start my own little business but I havent done it yet…Things have been crazy around here with the hubby gone and the kids getting sick that I hadnt had a chance to get my materials but starting the 15th of this month I start ordering it! Im super excited! The only thing now is that I have to find a place around here were I can find the ceramic tiles I want. I just hope that the materials im ordering dont take too long couse I cant wait to start creating! I’ll keep you guys posted.

Thursday Nights Craft Night

Here are some pictures of our craft nights…They are from 2 weeks ago. We all did a bit of everything…As you will see we also have a male that joins us, he is the hubby to the lady in the pink hat  🙂 He is really good but he had the best teacher! Our main lady the one that begin it all, Kathy, is our master crafter lol…She taught Paul to frame, and me and a few others how to crochet and decoupage. This lady does it all! Well enough rambling here are the pix lolPaul Framing

Kathy’s Spoiled Baby

From L-R Bonnie, Kathy, Mrs. Paul

From L-R Kathy, Mrs.Paul, Shell