Fabric Flower Galore

I got a bit carried away today making flowers lol Both my boys were eating dinner and I needed something to do =] Can you tell I really enjoy making them? LOL There is only 2 with the hair clips on them because those were the only two I had so I need to go buy more…I tried putting a bobby pin on them but didnt like the way it held my hair, the snap hair clips stay much better in my hair. And yes there is 3 black ones but a girl can never have too many black hair accessories or black anything for that matter! LOL Well at least in my opinion =p Oh and yes the center of some of the flowers are brads! Also pictured is the one from my last post.


My Attempt @ Fabric Flowers

I keep seeing all these beautiful fabric flowers I just had to try to make one on my own! Hey it’s not like I don’t have a box full of fabric scraps! LOL I YouTubed tutorials and thought they weren’t to difficult and I had the material except for the fabric glue, which I went out and bought yesterday =] So after putting the boys to bed I sat and attempted my 1st one.

For starters don’t mind how dirty my table looks, it’s just the glue I was using =[ Ok so this 1st attempt was just gluing and twisting and rolling the fabric onto the piece of felt…I didn’t like it, but that’s just me. ( My hubby didnt like it either) To me it was just too stiff and the glue I was using gets kinda messy. Yuck!

Now this one you can tell I liked LOL What I did with this one was just twisted the fabric and rolled it, keeping it secure with my fingers….Then I just stitched the back of it and added the button in the center also sewing it on. Once that was done I glued the felt to the back to secure it once more and make the back look pretty =] It will be added to a bobby pin soon.

They are so easy and fun to make that I will be making more soon!

Army Decouged Drawers

Im so proud of my latest project, mostly because it was for my hubby and he loved it! Here it is =]

My hubby’s had the drawers for a while and iv always wanted to do something with them but wasnt sure what…A few weeks ago Amy over at ModPodge Rocks posted on her FB page a project someone else did with the same drawers and Mod Podge so I just had to do the same thing with his! LOL

Above  is the one that my hubby started but didnt get to finish because I was out of that scrapbook paper.

Note Frame

I was cutting out the cork backs for the coasters yesterday and I was left with pieces not big enough to use  for the coasters but too big to just toss, I had to do something with them! I just didnt know exactly what so I slept on it LOL When I got up this morning I new exactly what I wanted to do with them, a note/message frame! I had one last frame that I couldnt use *Just a side not…I bought a bulk of black frames from a lady that was changing her decor last year and there were a few that were for German size photos, so those are the frames iv been using for my projects*

The frames was black so I painted over it with white acrylic paint and then used a paper napkin and used Mod Podge to adhere it to the frame. While I let that dry I used the back of the frame and adhered the pieces of cork in different directions to cover the entire thing. Then I used white chipboard letters, ribbon, flowers, and brads to add a little bit of fun to it. What do you think?

Just A Small Project

Iv been waiting for y material to come in for the longest time and its finally here! It took longer thank expected because of the ashes from the volcano that erupted somewhere out here in Europe…But anyways…I went to check the mail today and they were here! All I need to do is find the right tile out here, I have one more place to check out hopefully they have it there. Maybe I’ll go this weekend.

So I asked a friend that was going to a hardware store a little ago to pick up a tile for me and the only one kind they had was ones with prints on them 😦 so she just got me one of those sine she knew I was going to cover it up anyways lol…I’ll eventually be doing my coasters with paper napkins but because they are so thin I couldnt do it with this tile…So I just used a piece of scrapbook paper from the Gnome Girl Kit I purchased over at http://www.oddbirdplanet.com.  I wasnt so sure I wanted to just cut out the square and Mod Podge it over the tile so I tore the sides instead and did it that way 🙂 The tile is a bit of a brownish earth tone and not what i’ll be using in my shop either but hey this one is just for me so it doesnt matter LOL Oh and the bottom is lined with cork to protect the furniture =]

Love in a Frame

Been feeling really creative lately so im taking advantage of my kids playing on their own to let the creativity out 🙂

Here is a little something I put together using an old frame, napkins, mod podge, coasters from the dollar section at my local PX, chip board letters, flowers and a little sparkle.

What they looked like…

After a little paint…

Finished project

Simple Sign

This was originally something else compleatly…It was actually suppose to be a clock but never got around to finishing it. (Tiff you should recognize this lol) It had been put away with my crafting supplies that the clock face I had done for it decided it didnt want to stay so I helped it out and took it off…Now I had this piece of perfectly good wood that needed a bit of a face lift lol so it was transformed to a sign for my craft area.

Here is what it looked like after taking off the clock face.

This is what it looks like now after some Mod Podge, paper napkins, stamps, flowers, and a little bling 🙂

Yes I know the “Corner” is slanted but I think it gives it character =p Oh by the way I have decided that this will be the name to my new Etsy shop opening soon! Super excited!