A Little Plate Stand Makeover

I bid on this cute plate holder on ebay a little wile back and guess what, I won! I was so stoked and couldnt wait to get it in the mail. Well once I got it hubby didnt like it as it was and told me to “make it pretty”…So thats what I did =]


After a little white paint to cover up the chipped parts and some pretty napkins this is what it looks like.


Please note the picture was taken by my 2 year old son =D But anyways, its not quite finished…As you can see I havent gotten around to painting the lids of the empty Gerber jars, they are getting spray painted red by the way. Its just been raining and iv been so busy but hopefully they get done this week! Oh the knobs for the drawers are getting painted red too =]

I promise to post a better picture of it once its all done!